How conservative politics destroyed Australia’s 44th Parliament

for everyone interested in Australian politics

Tony Abbott

He was the Prime Minister on election night 2013, but was turfed out by the Liberal Party in 2015.

Malcolm Turnbull

He replaced Tony Abbott as Prime Minister in 2015 but the electorate has been very disappointed with his performance

Bill Shorten

He is benefiting from chaos within the Liberal Party but does he have the skill to lead Australia during difficult times?


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A brief outline of selected chapters

A government not in control of itself

After only three months in office, in early 2014, the LNP struggles and finds it very difficult to develop an agenda.

Turnbull is not the man the media wants us to believe

Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister in 2015, but despite extensive support from the mainstream media, his leadership falls apart quickly.

Tony Abbott: Bad Prime Minister

We don’t know what a Prime Minister will be like until they reach the position but we might be looking at one of the most divisive leaders this country has ever seen.

Winning elections as easy as ABC

ABC political reporting becomes very one sided and, on election eve, they spread unfounded rumours about Bill Shorten’s leadership.

An Australia Day mistake signals the end

Tony Abbott anoints Prince Phillip as a ‘Sir’ on Australia Day 2015, and this mistake marks the beginning of the end of his prime ministership.

2016 election and beyond

A disastrous election result for the LNP, and the electorate wonders whether the government has the ability to resolve the big issues of today.


Eddy Jokovich is an independent journalist, political analyst, media producer and award-winning publisher, and is the managing director of ARMEDIA. He has produced many books, magazines, handbooks and has worked as a war correspondent and lecturer in media studies and production. He analyses politics one vote at a time.


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