A Super Saturday And The Big Media Fail

The August 2018 New Politics podcast presented by Eddy Jokovich and David Lewis – filling in all the gaps left behind by the mainstream media.

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Super Saturday: it sounds so American, but we had it all in our own backyard – Perth, Fremantle, Mayo, Braddon and Longman. A campaign that started with all the pressure on Bill Shorten completely swung around and returned all the pressure onto Malcolm Turnbull. How did this happen? How did the media get it all wrong? They have form, and have constantly sided with the conservative forces in recent times.


We discuss in fine detail, the Super Saturday byelections and outline how and why Malcolm Turnbull is a poor election campaigner; the #KillBill campaign and how the Liberals turned it into Pulp Fiction; and what the ramifications are for both parties for the next election, which increasingly looks likely to be held in May 2019.

Full transcript coming soon…

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