The Seven Days Of Madness In Canberra

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The Seven Days Of Madness In Canberra

It’s been dubbed the week of madness in Canberra, but it was also a week of gross incompetence and a fine example of the poor political management that has encompassed the Liberal National Party since it formed government in 2013. Why turn up to a leadership spill without an abacus?


Malcolm Turnbull is no longer the Prime Minister. It was the forces led by Tony Abbott and the extreme right wing of the Liberal Party that created the momentum to install their Manchurian Candidate, Peter Dutton. But the final day of Malcolm Turnbull was his best: running rings about his challengers, using brilliant strategy and tactics to make sure Dutton never became Prime Minister.

It’s just a pity it took three years for Turnbull to play strategically and, by this time, it was too late. His demise was all of his own work. If only he behaved like a real Prime Minister. If only…

We now have a new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Hold back your excitement.

We dissect the seven days of madness in Canberra; how this leadership spill compares with other spills in Australia’s history; and, what the future holds for the Liberal Party, the new Prime Minister, and Australian politics.

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