Trouble brewing for the Liberals and feeling the love of a new PM

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Trouble brewing for the Liberals and feeling the love of a new PM

The Liberal Party is facing challenges in three big elections – Victoria, NSW and federal – with a few other challenges in the Wentworth by-election. But the biggest issue is money – they haven’t got enough to run these elections and, with their biggest fundraisers now out of the spotlight (Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop), where will the money be coming from?

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has been in the job for one month and, while he has started from a low base, could this period now end up being his high-water mark? Is he the one to rescue the Liberal Party from dire straits?

We’re suffering from ‘Royal Commission fatigue syndrome’ – we now have the sixth Royal Commission in five years – and there seems to be too many of them. Why are there so many issues in aged care that require urgent attention, when governments are meant to manage the sector effectively? Does it mean governments are failing to government properly? We think the answer is “yes”. Our monthly podcast: 37 minutes of audio gold.

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