The New Accord Is A New WorkChoices; Recession, Robodebt, Newspapers Closing, Racism

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There have been many comparisons made between Scott Morrison and Bob Hawke recently, but Morrison is no Bob Hawke. The Accord was totally different from Morrisonā€™s plans, dubbed ā€˜Accord 2.0ā€™ by the friendly media. But media management is what the Liberalā€“National Government does best and at the onset of a recession, what do we get? A HomeBuilder plan that virtually no-one can access, and does very little to stimulate the economy. But the plan did keep the media attention away from talking about the recession, which is what the intention was all along.

The Governmentā€™s Robodebt system has been a disaster: governments should never be involved in this type of program causing so much harm to the public. It cost $600 million to recoup $721 million, and after a High Court case adjudicated that Robodebt is illegal, all of that money will need to be paid back. Plus interest, damages and costs.

News Corporation is closing down 112 newspapers: is this a blow to regional news, democracy and local businesses? Or will it be good to see the end of papers that are poor in quality, and do little more than promote news favourable to Liberalā€“National Party interests?

There are protests and riots in the US. And racism. But the Australian media looks to the events in America with the belief that systematic and institutional racism only exists in faraway places. Time for Australian media to wake up: racism is rife in Australia and just thinking it always happens somewhere else won’t make it go away.

  • 01.23 Discussion about Morrisonā€™s big money spend, and the likelihood of a new WorkChoices.
  • 15.28 Australiaā€™s first recession in 29 years.
  • 21.50 The introduction of Robodebt as one of the most sinister programs ever implemented by government.
  • 33.00 The closure of News Corporation regional newspapers.
  • 38.20 Racism in Australia: George Floyd context, detonation of Juukan Gorge site, media ignorance of Indigenous issues.
  • 48.00 It’s a wrap.

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  • Money (That’s What I Want), Barrett Strong
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  • Right Here, Right Now, Fatboy Slim
  • The Only One That Knows, Ed Keupper

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