The US Election, Sex In The Cities And Goodbye Joel

The 2020 US Election has brought in a new President (we think) and the key question will be how an incoming Democrats administration will affect political behaviour in Australia and whether the Morrison government feels the need to do anything at all on climate change.

Or change its economic philosophy. Or even feel the need to be more truthful with the Australian public, but we feel this is most unlikely.

And will the media turn down the volume on Scott Morrison, as they did with Donald Trump? We don’t think so, their courage is in short supply.

US elections are always big news around the globe but the news Trump was on the verge of eviction from the White House was blown away by the revelation Ministers Christian Porter and Alan Tudge were having affairs with their female staffers, smooching in late-night bars in Canberra, and then getting rid of these staffers when they no longer suited their purposes.

If only these men in positions of power could keep their hands to themselves and understand that a workplace isn’t a place where we all go to have sex and drink alcohol – the world would be a much better place.

We also report on the Queensland election result, the likely outcome for the next series of Australian elections, the bizarre decision of the ALP’s Joel Fitzgibbons to announce his resignation just when the government was on the back foot with its sexual harassment scandals – maybe that’s what his intention was all along.

Also, it’s NAIDOC week and the government refused to fly the Aboriginal flag at Parliament House. Because nothing upsets a conservative government more than ceding an inch to Aboriginal people or engaging in symbolism that would have cost absolutely nothing.

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