Week 6 Election Wrap And Election Day Special!

And so, it has come to this. The day of the 2022 federal election. Week 6 of the campaign wasn’t that different to the previous five weeks: an array of announcements from both sides of politics, a campaign launch from the Liberal–National Coalition – held in the final week so they could maximise their funding from the public coffers before they had to start paying for the campaign themselves – and a clamour from the media about Labor Party policy costings, ‘gotchas’ and the screams of “how ya gonna pay for that?”

Before we can talk about winners and losers from this campaign, the biggest losers – by far – have been the mainstream media, and it’s almost like their swansong as far as their influence in political affairs is concerned. Labor’s additional costings were calculated at $7.4 billion – seemingly a small amount compared to the $1,000 billion of national government debt accumulated by the federal government – and while everyone wanted to know how on earth Labor was going to “pay for this”, no one seemed to be too concerned about a $5.5 billion fee for the cancelled French submarines project – for absolutely nothing in return. The media needs to be reformed in Australia, but how will this happen?

And many analysts are reluctant to announce who they believe will win the election – still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, after the 2019 election result proved everyone wrong, including opinion pollsters.

We have no fear though, and our fearless prediction is Labor should win this election – or at least be in a position to form a minority government with key independents. The polls are all pointing to a Labor victory – as they did in 2019 –but, aside from this, we need to look at the evidence. This has been a corrupt, inept and incompetent government, if not for the entire duration of Coalition rule since 2013, at least in this term of office (again, this is also what was said in 2019).

And if another Coalition victory does come to fruition, we may as well throw away the keys to democracy: if Labor cannot win an election after this display of corruption, mismanagement, division and disorganisation from the federal government, there’s no point in holding elections any more.

That’s how important this election is.

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