Labor election review, gormless Robodebt, AFP interferes in Lehrmann case, and final 2022 opinion polls

The Labor review of the 2022 election has been released, and it’s a much better read than the reviews from the previous three elections which were all lost by the Labor Party. Of course, Labor did win the 2022 election, and while they’ve highlighted all those things that went right for them, they also outlined all the areas they need to improve on if they want to win the next election and the one after that.

The report is titled “Election 2022: An opportunity to establish a long-term Labor government” – so it’s obvious what they’re after — Labor does want to have that winning complacency knocked out of it and wants to be in office for the long term, so it can implement as many of its ideas as possible.

The Royal Commission into Robodebt is continuing and the news is becoming more and more damning for the former Coalition government and for the former Prime Minister Scott Morrison. There is a lot of buck-passing going on within this commission – the former head of the Department of Human Services Kathyrn Campbell keeps saying that she wish she’d taken more notice of the legality of Robodebt, and just assumed that it legal because nobody had said that it wasn’t. This is what happens when you have a compromised public service – everyone assumes everyone else is doing the work, no one takes responsibility, and in the meantime, there’s a whole lot of deliberate incompetence that ends up destroying people’s lives.

And there’s more revelations coming out about the Bruce Lehrmann case – and he was facing allegations of committing rape at Parliament House in 2019 – the first case resulted in a mistrial after misconduct by one of the jury members, and the second case was due to be held in February, but the department of public prosecutions dropped the charges due to health concerns for the complainant, Brittany Higgins. There have been allegations that the Australian Federal Police disclosed evidence they held – including psychological counseling notes from Brittany Higgins – to Lehrmann’s legal term – it seems that there has been a lot of interference in this case – they got involved in June 2021, raising concerns about any possible prosecution – and that was before any charges were laid. The Australian Federal Police has been politicised by the Liberal Party over the past two decades – and there were some suggestions that it was like a private militia for Liberal Prime ministers – but there probably needs to be further investigations into their behaviour.

The final opinion polls for the year have been released, and they both show Anthony Albanese is going everywhere, and Peter Dutton is going nowhere. In the Resolve Poll, the primary vote for Labor is at 42%, and that’s about 10% higher than their election result, and for the Coalition, it’s down to 30% – the preferred Prime Minister metric has Albanese at 54%, and Dutton at 19% – Albanese’s net approval rating is 36% – 60% approve, and 24% disapprove – Dutton’s net approval is minus 14. The Prime Minister and Labor did finish the parliamentary year well, but this is the icing on the cake – their election review suggests that they’re trying to remove as much complacency as possible within the ranks, but it might a bit difficult with an Opposition that’s performing so poorly.

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