Diary of an Election Victory

Diary of an Election Victory: Labor’s rise to power

Eddy Jokovich and David Lewis, 302 pages. Released December 2022

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When the coronavirus arrived in early 2020, an anxious electorate threw its support behind Scott Morrison to guide Australia through the pandemic, leaving the Labor Party behind in a sea of irrelevance and Anthony Albanese with the role of political bit- player who could only watch from the sidelines, and hope that his political fortunes would change.

At the time, Morrison held record high electoral ratings and Albanese was told to not worry about the next election: it was already out of reach and best to focus on the 2025 election and beyond. Labor appeared to be doomed to yet another extended time in opposition and were left wondering when they could ever return to office again.

In 2022, Labor saw an opportunity: Morrison had made promises that he ultimately couldn’t deliver and couldn’t effectively deliver on the issues that should have been delivered. He was more intent on photo opportunities than the practice of good government and his leadership and government started to unravel, and it unravelled quickly.

Diary of An Election Victory explores the key political moments of the 2022 election year, Morrison’s demise, and Albanese’s ascendancy and victory against the odds. It’s a must-read analysis of one of the most dynamic and unusual election results ever in Australia’s political history.

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