The voices of the Palestine protests and the continuing pre-Budget speculation

In this in-depth episode of New Politics, we take a closer look at a series of significant events impacting global politics, human rights, and national economic policies. We begin by examining the escalating student-led pro-Palestine protests that have ignited across major university campuses worldwide, starting from Columbia University and spreading across the U.S. and Australia. These protests, fueled by the harsh realities of the conflict in Gaza, demand a reassessment of university investments with Israel and shine a light on the broader geopolitical implications involving major world powers.

We also discuss the upcoming United Nations vote on whether to recognise Palestine as a full member state—a topic of intense international diplomacy and contention. We dissect the complexities behind the U.S. and other major powers’ positions on this issue, exploring how past actions and present debates at the U.N. reflect on the broader challenges of achieving a two-state solution in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Could the events in East Timor from 1999 offer any guidance?

On the domestic front, we look into the federal government’s pre-Budget announcements, highlighting the proposed changes to the HECS debt system and other fiscal policies including tax cuts, cost-of-living adjustments, and support mechanisms like the Future Made In Australia program. We question the effectiveness and timing of these announcements, considering the broader context of national economic strategy and upcoming electoral considerations.

Finally, we revisit the debate on manufacturing in Australia, focusing on the end of car manufacturing by the Coalition in 2013—despite their denials that they weren’t responsible for this—and its long-term impacts on communities. We analyse political narratives and accountability, examining the current government’s efforts to revitalise the sector, against the backdrop of past policy decisions that have shaped the economic landscape.

Song listing:

  1. ‘Confessions Of A Window Cleaner’, Ed Kuepper.
  2. ‘All Along The Watchtower’, Bob Dylan (Afterhere cover).
  3. ‘Feels Right’, Biig Piig.
  4. ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’, Jimmy and the Boys (featuring Ignatius Jones).

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