A Big Year In Politics: 2021 In Review And A Preview Of 2022

An incredible year in Australian politics, but the biggest feature was all the issues left behind and the issues that were not managed very well [>>>]

Independents Day In North Sydney: Kylea Tink

Independent candidates are set to play a big role in the next federal election. And why are they running for election? Because they’ve had enough [>>>]

The End Of The Year In Politics And A Voice Of Goldstein Takes Flight

Political parties love to end the year with momentum and provide a springboard into the new year – especially if there’s an election coming up. [>>>]

The Last Days Of The House And A Labor–Greens Alliance?

The parliamentary year commenced with the revelations of a rape at Parliament House; it ended with a report into sexual harassment at parliamentary workplaces… and [>>>]

The Federal Chaos Continues And The Shady Sukkar Campaign

It’s the final week of Parliament for 2021 and it’s much the same as all the other ones in recent weeks: chaos and dysfunction, and [>>>]

Morrison’s rabble and the Civil Disobedience of the LNP

This term of Parliament is descending into chaos, and it’s almost as though the anarchist society has taken over the Senate and House of Representatives. [>>>]

Morrison’s Slogan Roadtest And We Listen To The Voices Of Kooyong

It’s increasingly obvious the Prime Minister is using the final stages of this Parliament to roadtest a number of different election slogans. Last week it [>>>]

Attacking The ABC And Morrison’s Sympathy For The Devil

Once again, the Liberal–National Coalition is attacking the ABC, and doing the bidding of News Corporation in its quest to remove the ABC from government [>>>]

The Anti-Vax Point of No Return And The Road To Liberal Party Oblivion

Australia is seeking national leadership at this point of time to ward off the threat of extremist behaviour in Melbourne but instead of trying to [>>>]

Morrison’s China Syndrome And Telling People What To Do

Paul Keating was a hit at the National Press Club address during the week, but members of the federal government were not so happy about [>>>]

Liar Liar, Liberal Branch Stacking and Defamation

There won’t be a federal election in the short term, but that doesn’t mean campaigning can’t start early. It feels like the election campaign has [>>>]

I Don’t Think, I Know: A Diplomatic Disaster and NSW Corruption

The Prime Minister was reluctant to go to the COP26 climate change conference and it’s obvious to see why. 2:10 ‘I Don’t Think, I Know’ [>>>]

The Game: A Portrait of Scott Morrison – A Conversation With Sean Kelly

What is Scott Morrison? A brand name? A theme, a hologram, a Prime Minister, an advertisement, a football coach?… or just a person? It’s hard [>>>]

The no-action climate plan and Morrison’s voter suppression

The Plan To Deliver Net Zero is much like the Morrison government: it’s insubstantial, inadequate, filled with political marketing and spin and, ultimately, does very [>>>]

Morrison’s point of no return and the net-zero scam

The latest opinions polls show Scott Morrison is still on the nose and might have reached the point of no return. It’s currently 46% to [>>>]

When Too Much Corruption In The Liberal Party Is Never Enough

Recent events in NSW have shown that its Independent Commission Against Corruption is doing its job, despite the protests of Scott Morrison: the Obeids and [>>>]

Will Climate Change Sweep Morrison Out To Electoral Oblivion?

Scott Morrison has changed his mind and will now attend the COP26 climate change forum in Glasgow. It was obvious Morrison didn’t want to got [>>>]

Minimum wage mistruths and National Party climate change corruption

How many times have we been told by conservative business groups in Australia that minimum wages need to be kept low so businesses have more [>>>]

The Murdoch Greenwash and a Cynical Freedom Day

The most surprising part of News Corporation’s greenwashing of the Liberal Party is not so much that it’s occurring right now, but the fact that [>>>]

International Failures and Morrison Attacks the West and the North

There’s continuing fallout from the broken French submarines deal, and a humiliated country will seek retribution in other ways. 2:05 The International Failures Are Banking [>>>]

The aura of Saint Gladys and which corrupt MPs will a federal ICAC investigate?

There’s been far too much adulation from the media for the former Premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, who took the decision to resign [>>>]