The Stench of Corruption in NSW and the Turnbull–Morrison War

It happened quickly but it wasn’t really a shock when the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, resigned after it was revealed that the NSW Independent Commission [>>>]

The COP-out on Climate Change and a COVID Roadmap to Where?

0:51 The COP-out on climate change The United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP26 – is coming up soon, but Scott Morrison is toying with [>>>]

The Anti-Vaxx Attack on Melbourne, Newpoll and Kissing the Ring of Rupert Murdoch

2:05 The Anti-Vaxx Attack on Melbourne Melbourne has had a big week: it’s long suffering populace had to put up with a barrage of abuse [>>>]

A Week of Disaster and Corruption

Another week of political disasters and corruption in politics. The question is: when will it all end? 1:06 Preselection Battles and Infamous Parachutes The Labor [>>>]

Why was Scott Morrison sacked from Tourism Australia?

Transcript: This special episode of New Politics for Patreon subscribers was recorded on the fourteenth of September 2021, and produced on the land of the [>>>]
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The ghosts of Pfizer return and women left behind again

It has been confirmed that the federal government was contacted by Pfizer in June 2020 to provide Australia with 40 million doses – which wasn’t [>>>]

COVID politics and the end of the Liberal Party?

The politics of the COVID pandemic are still being played as hard as possible – at a time when the public craves unity and expecting [>>>]

Covering over the sins of COVID corruption

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, now wants Australia to “live with the virus” and “get out of the cave”. But why the big rush? Essentially, [>>>]

Delta takes over Sydney and leaving friends behind in Afghanistan

The Delta version of coronavirus has taken hold in Sydney and if the NSW Government doesn’t take action to reverse the tide, the daily case [>>>]

COVID crisis in Sydney and the continuing climate change wars

This is one of the worst public health and economic disasters ever in Sydney but what is even worse, is the entire crisis could have [>>>]

That Sinking Feeling of Falling Polls and a Drunk in Parliament

The federal government and its best friend – the NSW Government – are sinking in the polls because of one key issue: the mismanagement of [>>>]
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Vested Interests in NSW and Leaders Who Want To Be Loved

There are too many vested interests in Sydney and it makes it difficult for the NSW Government to act in the public interest and, because [>>>]
Sydney COVID disaster

The Sydney COVID Disaster And Olympic Dramas

Political games are never far away when it comes to COVID-19 management in Australia and, of course, it’s across the political divide: the Liberal Party [>>>]
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Ignoring COVID Lessons From The Past And Who Is The Real Prime Minister?

Australia has become lockdown central, with its two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, going into two different types of lockdowns – Sydney has a modified [>>>]
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Spinning in the face of a crisis and the modern Liberal Party

The Sydney lockdown continues into its third week and the Gladys Berejiklian show moves into the full public relations mode and spin cycle to get [>>>]

The Lockdown Schadenfreude in NSW And A Two Jobs Failure

The NSW Government’s ‘gold standard’ in COVID management has soured into a more tarnished puce colour, with Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s reluctance to shut down Sydney [>>>]

Whitlam sacked: Well may we say God Save The Queen

Wearable artwork of Prime Minister Gough Whitlams’s most famous quote “Well may we say God Save The Queen because nothing will save the Governor–General”, from [>>>]
Morrison Pfizer deal

Pfizer and a very incompetent government

It has been revealed that in July 2020, just three months after the coronavirus pandemic commenced, the Australian government rejected an offer from the pharmaceutical [>>>]

Pfizer phuck-up, failure of the G7 meeting, locking up journalists

Australia could have been close to reaching herd immunity but a poor Australian government decision in July 2020 to turn its back on an excellent [>>>]

Quarantine fiasco, a media clampdown and the beast of the NSW Labor Right

Victoria will complete a two-week lockdown soon but if the Morrison government had done its job properly on quarantine management and the vaccination rollout, the [>>>]

The Budget Mirage And The Debts And Deficits Ruse

It’s Budget time and we’ve spent the last week analysing the third Budget announcement from Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. Our verdict? Don’t believe the hype: it’s [>>>]