Climate Change Action, Do We Need Religion In Politics, Vaccination Envy

The world is slowly moving towards climate change solutions and, once again, Australia is the laggard on the world stage but trying to tell everyone [>>>]

Politics, Protest, Pandemic

Politics, Protest, Pandemic: The Year That Changed Australia Eddy Jokovich and David Lewis, 414 pages. Released 2021 Our recommended price is $AUD29.95, but prices may [>>>]

Vaccination Fiasco, Feminising The Liberal Party, Labor On Your Sid‪e‬

The vaccination program is now officially in fiasco territory, with error after error and now another announcement of 20 million Pfizer doses “secured” after problems [>>>]

March 4 Justice, vaccination meltdown and a thrashing in the Wes‪t‬

The many women of Australia have said “enough is enough”, and said it loudly through the March 4 Justice campaign. But the Prime Minister is [>>>]
March 4 Justice

Marching for justice and Morrison’s rule of law

The ongoing ‘man problem’ is continuing for the federal government and there’s a familiar face the keeps popping up whenever there’s an allegation of untoward [>>>]

Untenable Porter, Aged Care Fiasco, Media Code Not In The Public Interest

Christian Porter’s political career is over. There won’t be any legal proceedings arising from an allegation of rape in 1988 but the political repercussions will [>>>]

Sexual violence against women ignored by the Liberal Party

It’s an issue that keeps appearing within the Liberal Party and this time, there has been a serious incident of sexual assault in Parliament House, [>>>]

A Rape At Parliament House, The Eagle Hasn’t Landed, $20 Billion Tax Lies

It seems like there was a grand cover-up of a serious sexual assault of a female staffer in March 2019 at Parliament House, but who’s [>>>]

What a Biden presidency means for Australia

Joe Biden is the new President of the United States and while Donald Trump kept on claiming that the election November 2020 was ‘rigged’ and [>>>]

Enduring another Australia Day

Australia Day is over for another year and as time goes by, it becomes a more painful experience: it’s recognised as Invasion Day by the [>>>]

Not So Flash: Australia Day Hijacked, A New US President And An Early Election

Australia Day has been hijacked by the conservative side of politics. Which means that it’s a day of vainglorious nationalism, jingoism, white imperialism and forgetting [>>>]

New Year’s dash triggers a border war of words

What better way to start 2021 than a mad rush to get home before the borders slam shut? Bedlam hit the border between Victoria and [>>>]
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An Evil Government, 2020 Political Wrap And A Crystal Ball For 2021

Just when we thought this federal government couldn’t get any more evil, it goes out and tries to legislate the Indue card into permanence, enlists [>>>]

Mr Morrison Goes To Tokyo, Spin And The Cormann Con

Mr Morrison went to Tokyo and returned empty-handed. But the 24-hour trip was never about Japan, it was all about continuing to avoid scrutiny and [>>>]

The US Election, Sex In The Cities And Goodbye Joel

The 2020 US Election has brought in a new President (we think) and the key question will be how an incoming Democrats administration will affect [>>>]

I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man

Wearable artwork of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s most famous quote “I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man”, contained in the [>>>]

The Burning Ring Of Australian Corruption

There’s far too much corruption in politics but what can be done about it? There’s a compliant media that is always at hand to cover [>>>]

The 2020 Budget And The Morrison Recession

It’s that time of the year when we look at the federal Budget (seasonally adjusted), and the Treasurer has announced a $213 billion deficit. We [>>>]

NBN And The Continuing Tales Of Corruption

The mainstream media and the federal government are still making their push to open borders, even though the continuing threat to public health is still [>>>]

Aged Care Disasters, Border Wars, Belting China Again

What does a government Minister have to do to lose their job? Losing control of aged care homes and allowing coronavirus to cause the death [>>>]

The Blame Shifting Continues

The public’s patience with Scott Morrison’s constant obfuscation, deflection and outright lies is starting to wear thin. As Abraham Lincoln said “you can fool some [>>>]