New Politics publishes independent news and analysis on Australian politics, and produces a specialist weekly podcast. We provide different perspectives on what’s really happening in the world of politics and cut through the spin, selective arguments and outright lies our current selection of political leaders like to offer to the public.

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The publisher of New Politics is:

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  • www.armedia.net.au
  • ABN 81 791 490 636 | ACN 130 075 286

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We produce the weekly New Politics Australia podcast (since 2018), filling in all the gaps left behind by the mainstream media, and it’s available on iTunes | Soundcloud | Spotify.

And who are the people that bring New Politics to the big wide world?

Eddy Jokovich

Editor of New Politics, and co-presenter of the monthly New Politics Australia podcast. He has worked as a journalist, publisher, author, political analyst, campaigner, war correspondent, and lecturer in media studies at the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of Sydney; has a wide range of experience working in editorial and media production work and is Director of ARMEDIA, a publishing and communications company specialising in public interest media.

David Lewis

Co-presenter of the monthly New Politics Australia podcast, historian, musicologist, musician and political scientist based in Sydney. His lecturing and research interests include roots music, popular music, Australian, UK and US politics and crime fiction. He has published in Music Forum Australia, Eureka Street, Quadrant, Crikey and has edited several books.

New Politics podcast

New Politics is a politics and current affairs audio program, comprising analysis of Australian politics, and is released as a weekly podcast.

The content is generally based on the events in federal and national politics from the preceding week, but also takes into account longer-term issues regarding climate change, economics, media and education.

Jokovich and Lewis are frequently critical of neoliberalism and centre-right political parties in Australia, highlighting failures in government privatisation policies, free market economics, as well as criticism of the domination of conservative influences in the mainstream media.

It is funded independently through crowd-funding, and audience donations and support.

Notable interviews and guests

  • Jim Chalmers – Treasurer of Australia.
  • Kylea Tink – federal Member for North Sydney.
  • Zoe Daniel – federal Member for Goldstein.
  • Jo Dyer – independent candidate for Boothby.
  • Jane Caro – Senate candidate for New South Wales.
  • Georgia Steele – independent candidate for Hughes.
  • Sean Kelly – author of The Game.

In the lead-up to the federal election in May 2022, New Politics focussed on independent candidates, including candidates supported by the “Voices Of” movement, Climate 200 and teal independents, and smaller political parties, including The New Liberals, Fusion Party, the Australian Democrats, Reason Party and the Australian Progressives.


New Politics was nominated by The Latch as one of the “nine best podcasts for getting up to speed” before the 2022 federal election and frequently appears in the top 10 listing of the “30 Best Australian Politics Podcasts”, published by Feedspot. The podcast has a Listen Score of 41 and top 1.5% Global Rank.


New Politics has released three publications based on the podcast series and published articles:

  • Divided Opinions: The New Politics analysis of the 2019 year in Australian politics;
  • Politics, Protest, Pandemic: The year that changed Australia.
  • Diary of an Election Victory: Labor’s rise to power.