The continuing failure of libertarian governments

When the NSW Government removed all COVID restrictions on 15 December last year, there were 2,800 new COVID cases across Australia. Fast forward one month [>>>]

Why was Scott Morrison sacked from Tourism Australia?

Transcript: This special episode of New Politics for Patreon subscribers was recorded on the fourteenth of September 2021, and produced on the land of the [>>>]
Morrison Pfizer deal

Pfizer and a very incompetent government

It has been revealed that in July 2020, just three months after the coronavirus pandemic commenced, the Australian government rejected an offer from the pharmaceutical [>>>]
March 4 Justice

Marching for justice and Morrison’s rule of law

The ongoing ‘man problem’ is continuing for the federal government and there’s a familiar face the keeps popping up whenever there’s an allegation of untoward [>>>]

Sexual violence against women ignored by the Liberal Party

It’s an issue that keeps appearing within the Liberal Party and this time, there has been a serious incident of sexual assault in Parliament House, [>>>]

What a Biden presidency means for Australia

Joe Biden is the new President of the United States and while Donald Trump kept on claiming that the election November 2020 was ‘rigged’ and [>>>]

Enduring another Australia Day

Australia Day is over for another year and as time goes by, it becomes a more painful experience: it’s recognised as Invasion Day by the [>>>]

New Year’s dash triggers a border war of words

What better way to start 2021 than a mad rush to get home before the borders slam shut? Bedlam hit the border between Victoria and [>>>]

The heat ramps up on Morrison

The pure art of political leadership seeks credit for all the positive news and makes sure someone else takes the blame for all the negatives. [>>>]

Black lives matter? Maybe not

The greatest stain on the Australian psyche is the unfinished business of Aboriginal reconciliation and the inherent discrimination many Indigenous people and communities still face. [>>>]
Scott Morrison

Morrison’s accord is WorkChoices 2.0

Irrelevance is the enemy of political leaders, and to avoid sinking to the bottom of the field, they need to keep moving, adapt and make [>>>]

Reopening schools fraught with danger

Governments, especially those from the conservative side of politics, never waste an opportunity to exploit turmoil – except if it’s an issue that doesn’t suit [>>>]
Ruby Princess Sydney

The mystery of the Ruby Princess

Is a time of crisis also a time to put aside political differences and work towards common solutions? Many sensible people would agree or, at [>>>]
Josh Frydenberg and Scott Morrison corruption

The new normal of scandal, viruses and racism

Another week, another scandal. This seems to be the ‘new normal’ for this term of Parliament, with the revelation of more government impropriety in the [>>>]
Anthony Albanese and Don Farrell

How the OTIS group did Albanese a favour

The OTIS group of disgruntled federal Labor politicians has helped Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese in a number of ways they probably didn’t intend. For starters, [>>>]
scott morrison bridget mckenzie

A short history of LNP corruption: When too much just isn’t enough

It’s hard to keep a tab on the current deluge of corruption coming out of federal politics, and barely a day goes by where there [>>>]

NBN latest: Oh dear, what can the matter be?

You know the tune, so let’s all sing along: Oh dear, what can the matter be? Or, if you prefer AC/DC, “Dirty deeds, done dirt [>>>]
Scott Morrison

The burning world of climate change denial

In 1969, a Union Oil drilling platform ten kilometres off the coast of Santa Barbara, a small tourist town in California, had a drilling hole [>>>]

Another nail in the coffin for democracy

In January this year, Scott Morrison announced environmental legislation to protect native species was one of his government’s top priorities, and said “we already introduced [>>>]

Indue and the small matter of political corruption

Would it ever be acceptable to appoint James Packer or Gerry Harvey to review social programs on behalf of government? Or Meriton property tycoon Harry [>>>]

Cracks appearing in the Morrison government

The political landscape after the May 2019 federal election is becoming clearer, with all sides of politics starting to develop their strategies and navigate a [>>>]