Kerryn Phelps

After Wentworth, the Liberals are looking into the abyss

One of the most invaluable skills in politics is the ability to gauge the opinions and understandings of the electorate and, once this has been [>>>]

Beware the hand of God

It’s six minutes into the second half of the World Cup game between Argentina and England in 1986, and the scores are locked at nil-all. [>>>]

A dark day in Australian politics

It’s a rare sight to see a government split in two, but that’s exactly what we’ve seen in Canberra this week. The sad debacle of [>>>]

The political assassination of Emma Husar

Another week, another assassination of a Labor politician. No, I’m not talking about a real assassination – like the UK Labour MP Jo Cox, who [>>>]

Media fail and the last days of Malcolm Turnbull

The byelections as part of the so-called “Super Saturday” have resulted in unchanged numbers in the House of Representatives, but they may see the final [>>>]
Turnbull unleashes his inner racism.

Turnbull unleashes his inner racism

Last Saturday, Malcolm Turnbull made the first prime ministerial visit to Tennant Creek since 1982 and announced to Indigenous leaders: “our job is to listen [>>>]

The pulp fiction of a Labor leadership challenge

A fascinating dynamic was created by the mainstream media last week, when they created a flurry of Labor leadership speculation. The cause of it? A [>>>]

What has this government ever done for you? Probably nothing

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has repeatedly ruled out an early election, claiming “there is no plan, intention or consideration given to doing anything other [>>>]

Turnbull is missing in action on the banks

Sometimes, it’s beneficial for a politician to offer a mea culpa and, if executed correctly, can become a successful part of their political repertoire and [>>>]

Turnbull and the mystery of economic management

This week was all about the magical number of 30 – 30 consecutive losing Newspolls for the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, or 111, if you [>>>]

Tonight’s Newspoll is brought to you by the number 30

Number 30. It has been the most anticipated number in recent Australian politics and finally, it’s with us – it’s the thirtieth consecutive losing Newspoll [>>>]

Further trouble for the Turnbull government: Monash and the AEC take aim

Today was the day the Turnbull government lost its majority and plunged into minority government… well, not exactly, but due to a redistribution of electorates [>>>]

Conflicts of interest and the corruption of politics

Political representation, when performed correctly, is a demanding and taxing job and I have no problem with the level of tax-payer funded salaries for politicians, [>>>]

The week in politics: The return of Batman and the support of an inequitable rort

A great deal of activity in national politics over the past week – a 16-year-old state government was thrown out of office, and a victory [>>>]

The imputation rort that helps the top end of town

Let’s be honest: who actually knew about dividend imputation before the Labor leader, Bill Shorten, announced the policy to scrap cash refunds that exist under [>>>]
Bill Shorten

Kill Bill and the failure of a smear campaign

Kill Bill is a series of two movies produced by Quentin Tarantino during 2003 and 2004 as a homage to martial arts films, samurai cinema, [>>>]
Bishop Morrison Dutton

Who’s next after Malcolm Turnbull?

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, must regret many of his political comments, but surely none more than the words he announced so loudly on September [>>>]
Michaelia Cash

Michaelia Cash and losing in the art of politics

There are many finer points within the art of politics, but the most critical point is to choose your battles carefully and choose them wisely. [>>>]
Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce – a political obituary

Serious calls for resignation – serious ones – always end with the resignation of the politician involved. Barnaby Joyce held out for three weeks – [>>>]

A secretive parliamentary day in Canberra

Yet another riveting day in Parliament Question time, replete with insane Dorothy Dix questions from Government MPs, and relentless questions from Labor about the broadband [>>>]

Dumbing down the ABC and the future of journalism

There was a clear case of selective economic interpretation in Parliament last week, where the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, castigated the ABC’s senior economics editor, [>>>]