Stable government

The affair that stopped the nation and brought it to its knees

It was the affair that almost stopped the nation, as well as almost stopping the government. Will Barnaby Joyce still be the Deputy Prime Minister [>>>]
Alan Joyce

There’s no case for a corporate tax cut when one in five of Australia’s top companies don’t pay it

There is no compelling evidence that giving the country’s biggest companies a tax cut sees that money passed on to workers in the form of [>>>]
Turnbull Joyce

Turnbull rules out sex but the corruption is still in place

I was hoping today was going to be Barnaby-Joyce-free day but, in the current climate, that was never going to be possible. Especially when Joyce [>>>]
Malcolm Turnbull Scott Morrison

The $65 billion company tax cut no-one is asking for

It has been difficult to focus on other matters in federal politics – and that’s understandable, given we’ve got the Deputy Prime Minister and leader [>>>]
Barnaby Joyce

Goodbye Barnaby, your corruption is not wanted

Tonight, Barnaby Joyce is under strong pressure to resign from his position as Deputy Prime Minister, and from Parliament, after a meeting with senior National [>>>]
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Widening the gap in Indigenous affairs

Is it any surprise the 2017 Closing the Gap report, released today, shows that in four of the seven key areas, Australia is still lagging [>>>]
Barnaby Joyce byelection 2017

Barnaby Joyce and the failure of mainstream media

Well, what a week in federal politics. Not so much about the revelations about the affairs of the Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, but the [>>>]
Bill Shorten

2016 election night and beyond

Let’s go back in time: it’s the evening of 24 November 2007, and Labor leader Kevin Rudd is making his election victory speech at Brisbane’s [>>>]
2016 election debate

Winning elections as easy as ABC

In a perfect world, elections should be free and fair, and based on the relative merits of the policy proposals provided by each political party, [>>>]

Turnbull is not the man the media wants us to believe

One of my greatest bugbears is getting off trains during peak period. As you’re trying to get off the train when it arrives at your [>>>]

The ‘stop drownings at sea mantra’ cloaks a racist agenda

Boats, boats, boats. That’s pretty much what the Liberal–National government put on offer during the 2013 election campaign. Sure, it’s a message that was carefully [>>>]
Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott: Bad Prime Minister

My wife’s young nephew and niece visited during the Christmas school holidays and, as most children do when they’re from a different part of Australia, [>>>]