Going the nuclear option

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know whether governments are genuinely interested in the agendas they push forward, or whether there are issues played out in the [>>>]

The divisive Scott Morrison

Whose side are you on? In an instant, it’s both an aggressive and divisive question, demanding a choice between the favourable and the unfavourable, the [>>>]
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The 2019 election verdict: It’s Labor

It’s Election Day 2019 and our final prediction is the same as it has been since August 2016: Labor will win this election, and it [>>>]

The final week of Campaign 2019

We’re into the final week of the 2019 election campaign and, if it was a simple contest of ideas, the Labor Party would be confident [>>>]
gillard-egg incident 2010

A tale of two eggs: Gillard and Morrison

Five-letter word; to egg on. That was my first cryptic crossword clue many years ago and after staring and thinking about what the answer could [>>>]
Bill Shorten

A Labor victory is in sight

We’re into the final two weeks of the 2019 federal election campaign, and two opinion polls released today still point towards a Labor victory. The [>>>]
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On water matters set to sink Morrison

It’s the end of the first week of the federal election campaign and, already, we have the mainstream media telling everyone within earshot that this [>>>]
captain getup

Captain GetUp: The lost avenger?

Some election campaigns are fairly straightforward. The prime minister sets a date, and both parties sell their policies. There’s a lot of talk about economic [>>>]
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Maths and media: where the election will be won and lost

It’s always unwise to make predictions about who is likely to win any election, but if Scott Morrison does end up on the victory podium [>>>]
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Two polls, but both still show a wipe-out

There are two polls out today, one showing good news for the government, the other showing bad news for the government. How can this be [>>>]

Scott Morrison and racism

Fifty people. That’s a large number of people, and it’s still difficult to comprehend this is how many died in the Christchurch shootings last Friday. [>>>]
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The evil crimes of George Pell

George Pell has been sentenced to jail for a total of six years, after being found guilty of five charges – one offence of sexual [>>>]
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Morrison slipping further away

The latest Newspoll from 5–7 March 2019 shows a drop in support for the Liberal–National Party to 46 per cent on a two-party preferred basis, [>>>]
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Scandal: Nothing to see here, please move on

One of the greatest take-away surprises from a visit to Parliament House during the House of Representatives Question Time for many people is the sheer [>>>]
Morrison eats a pie

Is Morrison really back in the game?

Polls are polls, and elections are elections, but what can we read into the latest round of polls from the three main pollsters? Newspoll from [>>>]

Short changed by the banking Royal Commission

It’s always amusing to see senior politicians caught in the headlights and that’s exactly what we witnessed this week when the report from the Royal [>>>]

The media forgets how it destroyed Julia Gillard

We should never underestimate the ability of the mainstream media to employ double standards, engage in collective amnesia, and paint a rosy picture of the [>>>]

The Year of Living Incompetently: 2018 in review

2019 promises to be an exhilarating year in politics, with a federal election guaranteed before May 18, and an election in Australia’s largest state – [>>>]
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Morrison’s mix of religion and corruption ends a bad year

A terrible year for the Liberal–National Government has almost ended, but if there was any hope the final week before Christmas might offer some hope [>>>]

The unknown Scott Morrison

It seems like an eternity ago, but it has only been three months since Scott Morrison became Prime Minister, during a week of madness from [>>>]

The LNP loses yet another Newspoll

It wasn’t meant to be like this. Scott Morrison must have thought the job of prime minister was all too easy. Within two weeks of [>>>]