Week 6 Election Wrap And Election Day Special!

And so, it has come to this. The day of the 2022 federal election. Week 6 of the campaign wasn’t that different to the previous [>>>]

Week 5 Election Wrap, The Leader’s Debates, The Return of the Democrats, And A Failing Coalition Campaign

Scott Morrison must now be rueing his decision to embark on a six-week election campaign, and it appears the longer it continues, the worse his [>>>]

Week 4 Election Wrap, Labor Launch, Albanese At The Kitchen Table, The Economy And Corruption

Four weeks into the campaign and real votes are being cast, with the acceptance of postal votes and the prepoll period commencing soon. In 2019, [>>>]

Week 3 Election Wrap, A Missing Leader, ANZAC Day And Peter Dutton’s War On China

Anthony Albanese was missing from the election campaign for one week, and didn’t the media have a field day. Unfortunately, the media has it in [>>>]

Week 2 Election Wrap And The Fine Art Of The Scare Campaign

Scare campaigns need to have a semblance of truth behind them to work effectively and Labor’s strategy of making pensioners think they’ll have their income [>>>]

Week 1 Election Wrap And Media Behaving Badly, Very Badly

A very hostile first media conference for Anthony Albanese in the marginal seat of Bass in Tasmania, where he couldn’t answer or gave the wrong [>>>]

Big Pre-election Special And Talking Politics With The Very Reason-able Jane Caro

We’ve never seen a government in so much trouble entering an election campaign and it’s just a question of whether Scott Morrison has the political [>>>]

Budget 2022 And A Wrecking Ball Government

The Budget was announced this week, and not only was it one of the most political ever, it was also one of the most expensive [>>>]

SA election, Labor factions, and the beginning of the end of Morrison

The electorate in South Australia has removed a one-term Liberal Party government and installed a Labor government under Peter Malinauskas. And with a state election [>>>]

Attacking Albanese, The Media Plunge To A New Low, And We Take A Look At The Fusion Party

It was Anthony Albanese’s turn to appear on 60 Minutes, but not as much enthusiasm as they displayed for Scott Morrison, even though more people [>>>]

The On-Water Matters Sweeping Out The Morrison Government To Oblivion: A Big Week In Politics

Dedicated to the memory of Senator Kimberley Kitching. The floods in northern NSW and Queensland are causing major political headaches for the Morrison government and, [>>>]

Ukraine, Climate Change Floods And A Look At The Australian Progressives

The war in Russian invasion in Ukraine is escalating, and it’s difficult to know how this will end. But Vladimir Putin has already lost, irrespective [>>>]

Scott Morrison’s War Against Everything and David Lewis interviews The New Liberals

Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton are keen to mention the Community Party of China at every opportunity and how terrible they are – ignoring the [>>>]

Chasing the April sun and an election disaster for the Liberal Party

Butchering a classic pop song from a 1970s Australian band and playing a ukulele might not seem like the best way to prepare for a [>>>]

A big week in Parliament and talking politics with Jim Chalmers

It was an explosive week of Parliament, the first of very few in 2022. The government decided not to schedule too many sitting days this [>>>]

A summer of discontent and the beginning of the end for Morrison

An absolute summer of discontent is almost sealing the fate of the Morrison government, one of the most incompetent administrations Australia has ever seen, aided [>>>]

Reinventing politics in the seat of Hughes: Georgia Steele

Georgia Steele is an independent candidate in the southern Sydney seat of Hughes and is up against the current member Craig Kelly, and candidates from [>>>]

The independent voice of Boothby: Jo Dyer

Jo Dyer is the independent candidate in the South Australia seat of Boothby, the third-most marginal seat in Australia. And she’s running under the banner [>>>]

A Big Year In Politics: 2021 In Review And A Preview Of 2022

An incredible year in Australian politics, but the biggest feature was all the issues left behind and the issues that were not managed very well [>>>]

Independents Day In North Sydney: Kylea Tink

Independent candidates are set to play a big role in the next federal election. And why are they running for election? Because they’ve had enough [>>>]

The End Of The Year In Politics And A Voice Of Goldstein Takes Flight

Political parties love to end the year with momentum and provide a springboard into the new year – especially if there’s an election coming up. [>>>]

The Last Days Of The House And A Labor–Greens Alliance?

The parliamentary year commenced with the revelations of a rape at Parliament House; it ended with a report into sexual harassment at parliamentary workplaces… and [>>>]