Unhappy Holidays And Apocalypse 2019

The New Politics monthly podcast, presented by Eddy Jokovich and David Lewis – filling in all the gaps left behind by the mainstream media.

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Climate change was a big factor in the 2018 by-elections and we think this will continue in 2019, with the political party doing the least about the environment, to be punished the most. In our humble opinion…

It was all happening: Captain Cook and the culture wars, another Captain’s call in the seat of Gilmore, a franking credits farce, and a spate of ministerial resignations. Can they see the writing on the wall for the Liberal Party, or do they really want to spend more time with their families?

We also focus on the Banking Royal Commission, the one the Liberal Party voted against 26 times. It’s a net negative for the the Government and we can see why they tried to deflect all blame for the Royal Commission onto the Labor Party. But will it wash with the public? That’s very unlikely, there’s only a certain amount of misspoken mistruths the electorate can handle. We still think the Government will suffer a major defeat at the next election.

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