Corruption, The Cardinal And The Fine Art Of Lying

Scott Morrison

The New Politics monthly podcast, presented by Eddy Jokovich and David Lewis – filling in all the gaps left behind by the mainstream media.

There is so much corruption and unethical behaviour by this federal Government that it’s hard to know where to begin: Helloworld, Paladin, Parakeelia, Ministers refusing to provide evidence to the Australian Federal Police… it’s not a good look.

But there’s more: government Ministers are resigning and retiring, with rumours of more to follow. It’s hard to shake the perception that the ship is sinking and MPs are bailing out. The polls certainly suggest that, with 164 losing polls for the LNP since August 2016, and the latest Newspoll stuck at 46 per cent. That’s not a good look either.

Child sexual assault, one would assume, is a serious criminal charge, and George Pell has been found guilty. So why is most of the conservative media claiming his innocence? He’s now a convicted paedophile. The answer is: Rupert Murdoch. As usual.

And the art of lying in politics. Lies are becoming bigger, but not better. More egregious and more frequent. And with each egregious lie, another nail is hammered into the coffin of democracy, even though it’s becoming harder to conceal the political lie, thanks to the immediacy of the internet and social media.

Of course, we sign off with our usual message, which has now become a pro forma: We still think the Government will suffer a major defeat at the next election.

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