A Most Exciting 2019 Election Campaign Continues

Contrary to most perceptions from the media about a ‘boring’ campaign, we think the 2019 election is one of the most exciting ever. Why? Because it’s a ‘change’ election, where there’s a possibility that it could realign conservative parties forever and, if Labor wins, create the conditions for future governments to be more adventurous in policy development.

But silly media can’t see beyond their noses: they look for stunts and ‘gotcha’ moments, following the Prime Minister on his quest to create the perfect media image. ‘How do I look when I skoll this beer?’. ‘Does my bum look big while shear this sheep?’. ‘Go Sharkies’ and ‘watch me while I boot this football through the soccer-league-union-AFL goalposts’. It’s becoming very tiresome.

The media has always shrieked about a lack of substance in politics, but when they finally get it presented to them on a plate through Labor’s solid selection of policy materials, they nit-pick, take aim, and retreat back to the banal wherever they can find it, usually following the Prime Minister into a bar. Has he got a drinking problem? Yes, of course. We’ve counted 56 news items where Scott Morrison has imbibed at the [name your location] hotel, bar, speakeasy or racecourse. He’ll be pickled by the time this election is over.

Water buy-backs have been the big scandal the government hopes will go away, but it just keeps coming back. Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce, as well as many other high-profile Liberal-National election candidates will be very well hidden during this election campaign and, just like the Marlboro man, Scott Morrison is being seen everywhere by himself. We still think he needs to go full-Putin, rip off the shirt and ride a horse bare-back. That will definitely rake in the votes.

The polls are tightening and could the Liberal-National Coalition just manage to win government again? We don’t think so: children aren’t usually rewarded for bad behaviour, and nor should governments, but is there something under the radar that we keep missing?

We’ll find out soon enough.

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