Forged Democracy, Labor Reviews Itself, And Climate Change Politics Fired Up

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Democracy fell down a few rungs when Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, used forged documents to attack an opponent. Did he know they were forged? Did he forge the documents himself? Answers to these questions need to be provided.

Why has public trust in the political processes dived so dramatically since 2013? Hint: That’s when Tony Abbott became Prime Minister, but are there other factors contributing to this demoralising issue?

The Labor Party has released its review into the 2019 Federal Election, and are busy assessing why they lost and how they can improve their chances in the 2022 election. Will they be successful?

Labor always seems to need a charismatic leader to take them on the path away from the wilderness. Is Anthony Albanese the one to do this?

While half of Australia has been burning, conservative political leaders have been quick to blame “inner-city, chardonnay, latte-sipping, raving lunatics”. But let’s not play politics, the Prime Minister and NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, said so.

And “today is not the day” to make the link between climate change and severe bushfire activity. Just because. Climate change politics is at its most destructive level ever, and the Liberalā€“National Party fiddle while New South Wales and Queensland burn away.

Something needs to change.

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