Climate Change Again, The Angus Beauty Myth Turns Ugly, Goodbye 2019

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The climate change debate is heating up to a temperature even hotter than the NSW bushfires. Just as the Prime Minister has decided to take a holiday somewhere in the Pacific and instructing the media not to report that he was actually on leave. To their shame, many in media acceded to the Prime Minister’s wish: so much for the Your Right To Know campaign. What a facade.

People are angry about climate change, but it’s not just the conservative side of politics that is suffering the opprobrium: the biggest howls of abuse at the recent climate change rally in the centre of Sydney was reserved for the Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, even though Labor isn’t the government. This is a problem for Labor, but how will they deal with this issue?

The year began with a lie, and ended with a lie. Angus Taylor, the Minister who is the gift to the Opposition that just keeps on giving, decided to just keep lying about seeing Naomi Wolf at Oxford in 1991, even though she left three years before. Even when faced with irrefutable evidence, the government doubles down and keeps up with the fabrication. They’re worse than troublesome kindergarten kids that can just never give up the lie.

And did someone mention new books? Yes, we have a new book coming out: Divided Opinions, coming out in January 2020. It’s a review of the 2019 year in politics. It’s must. have material. Keep a look out for on our website.

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