The Burning Ring Of Australian Corruption

There’s far too much corruption in politics but what can be done about it? There’s a compliant media that is always at hand to cover over any corruption performed by conservative governments, and they were at their best when it came to the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian.

A high stinking pile of corruption is slowing being uncovered at the hearings held at the NSW ICAC but the media decided to ignore all of that, and go for the ‘girl-in-lurve-dudded-by-the-bad-man’ angle, so the allegations of corruption could be easily swept away.

Who needs the years of progress of feminism when there’s a damsel in distress who needs to be rescued?

Kevin Rudd, the self-named ‘determined bastard’, has launched a petition for a Royal Commission into the Murdoch media empire. And it’s something that’s well overdue. Murdoch’s influence over the media in Australia is offensive, pervasive, and it’s almost like The Joker is in charge of Gotham City.

As Rudd says, News Corporation is a cancer on the Australian political landscape. A Royal Commission won’t occur if a Liberal Government controls the levers, it will have to wait until a Labor Government comes into office. But Rudd might be the right person to make this happen.

And why did the Prime Minister go for an all-out postal attack on Australia Post? Of course, it was all about the $20,000 spent on Cartier watches but it was more than that. Morrison is under pressure for not introducing a national corruption commission, and the attacks on Australia Post were all about creating a diversion.

This Liberal–National Government is all about smokescreens, and this was another one. Government by smokescreen.

It’s a very apt title for this Morrison Government.

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