A Rape At Parliament House, The Eagle Hasn’t Landed, $20 Billion Tax Lies

It seems like there was a grand cover-up of a serious sexual assault of a female staffer in March 2019 at Parliament House, but who’s got time for that sort of wimmen’s business when there’s an election to be won. If the allegations of rape had been revealed at that time, Scott Morrison would have lost that election, there’s no question about this.

A political decision was made to keep quiet about the incident but even then, the Liberal Party didn’t even have the decency to offer support to Brittany Higgins at the time. And now, they’ve started backgrounding the media that Higgin’s partner has a grudge against the government. So, it’s all his fault. But she also happened to “find herself in this situation”, so it must be her fault.

And “Jenny and the girls” seem to be offering Morrison all the advice he’ll ever need about rape and serious sexual abuse. The Liberal Party is not just a threat to women, it’s a threat to all of humanity.

“The Eagle Had Landed”? The federal government has no shame when it comes to making announcements, and judging by the amount of announcements the government has made, Australia has one billion vaccines, or around 50 per person.

But it’s all a lie: the first batch arrived in Sydney a few days ago – 140,000, or 0.1 per cent of what the government has actually promised – and zero have been administered, compared to 190 million doses administered around the world. The vaccine rollout is going to be a political exercise – and a painfully partisan affair.

The Labor Party has released policies which offer protection for workers in the gig economy, to guarantee superannuation payments, sick leave and holiday pay, and portable entitlements. Sounds very good for workers and a sensible reform.

But that didn’t stop Christian Porter from completely misrepresenting the policy as a $20 billion tax on business – which, conversely, means that keeping the existing arrangements is a $20 billion tax on workers, which no-one in the media decided to talk about.

Can’t stand in the way of a cheap and fast meal delivered to head office by a migrant riding dangerously through peak-hour traffic.

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