That Sinking Feeling of Falling Polls and a Drunk in Parliament

The federal government and its best friend – the NSW Government – are sinking in the polls because of one key issue: the mismanagement of the pandemic.

Qualitative and quantitative research is showing a rapid decline in the support of both of these governments and their efforts to spin, manipulate and gaslight the public are falling on deaf ears.

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Both Scott Morrison and Gladys Berejiklian have lost the trust of the electorate and the rhetoric behind the gold standard management of the pandemic has turned to ersatz, and a far more inferior standard. They are now tied together and they will either rise or fall in unison: and it seems it’s going to be a fall, rather than a rise. And the vaccine rollout has really become like the Hunger Games, all controlled by an incompetent federal government.

Is offering incentives to encourage vaccinations ethical? Economists believe if it results in good public health outcomes, then it will result in good economic outcomes. So, Anthony Albanese’s proposal to offer $300 for each vaccination completed by December 31 receives the thumbs up from economists and the electorate, but not from Morrison, who must be fuming that he didn’t think of this idea first. And is this is all sounding like a medical games show? Yes it is, and if the price is right, people will “come on down”.

And a return of federal Parliament has seen a return of Barnaby Joyce’s alcohol issues. But he’s not a Les-Paterson-type of maverick backbencher MP – he’s actually the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. Drinking in Parliament? Perhaps it’s time to remove alcohol from Parliament House because there are too many MPs with drinking problems.

Christian Porter is acting Leader of the House of Parliament and for Morrison to install a man who has serious sexual assault allegations hovering over him, its a slap in the face for women of Australia, according to Australian of The Year, Grace Tame. And it’s hard not to disagree.

Closing the Gap is only reaching three of the 16 progress targets, and it’s still a massive stain on the psyche of the Australian society. But, it’s all OK: Morrison wore an Indigenous tie for the entire day, and said “more needs to be done”.

And Brian Houston has been charged for failing to report allegations of sexual abuse. This is Morrison’s mentor and close friend and, as someone who surrounds himself with good news, it will be interesting to see if Morrison decides to cut him lose once Houston becomes an inconvenience for him.

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