The independent voice of Boothby: Jo Dyer

Jo Dyer is the independent candidate in the South Australia seat of Boothby, the third-most marginal seat in Australia. And she’s running under the banner of the ‘Voices Of’ movement, a loose alliance of independents campaigning all across Australia on the issues of climate change, integrity and women’s safety – all of which the Prime Minister and his team are doing very little about, and seem to care even less about.

Which major party forms government at the next election could be determined by independent candidates and there’s a fair chance of this happening, with many in the electorate disenchanted with the Morrison government but unsure if the Labor Party will provide the direction the community is interested in.

A conversation with Jo Dyer about her views on the current state of federal politics, why she’s running as an independent candidate, why a vote away from the major parties is an important part of the democratic process, her background in creative arts, and how she hopes to be a voice for positive change in politics.

Music interludes:

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