The Marxists Within, Independents Staff Outrage, Roe v Wade

How many political staffers does it take to change a piece of legislation? Independent MPs have been outraged about the Prime Minister’s decision to reduce the number of political advisers from four down to one – which means they will have a total staff of five – and decided to take their outrage directly to the media.

But what is the correct number? Some MPs could have a staff of 100 and still be quite incompetent: others seem to be effective and efficient with the bare minimum of political staff. And in the previous parliament, Liberal Party staffers were caught having sex in the notorious parliamentary “prayer room: others decided to masturbate on the desk of their box and photograph themselves in the act. Obviously, some staffers have too much time on their hands. Can a compromise be reached? Perhaps two political advisors would make this issue go away but it’s not something that’s resonating with the public.

And is Anthony Albanese spending too much time overseas and not enough on the domestic agenda? The media is making a big deal of it, labelling the Prime Minister as “Airbus Albo” but perhaps if they understood that Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison all travelled far more than Albanese in a comparable period, they might keep quiet.

And the Roe v Wade decision from 1973 has been overturned by the US Supreme Court – it was a landmark decision then, and a landmark decision now to overturn a precedent that has directed abortion law reform all around the world. Will this decision influence Australian politics at all? It’s unlikely: according to opinions polls, 81% of people in Australia support the right for women to freely access abortion services. But 61% of people in the US are also supportive, yet Roe v Wade has been overturned. It shows that women’s rights and human rights always need to be fought hard for, not only to achieve them, but maintain them.

Senator Hollie Hughes has made the claim that the Liberal Party lost the “youth vote” at the 2022 election because of “Marxist teachers” who, apparently, have infiltrated Australian society. What senators such as Hollie Hughes always fail to answer is if Marxist teachers, socialists and unions have caused so much mayhem, why has the Liberal–National Coalition held government for 20 of the past 26 years? It’s an intellectual paucity that has no boundaries.

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