The Attack on Australia’s Democracy and The Diminishing Division of Joy

As the rumblings of Scott Morrison’s secret ministers become louder, the Liberal Party – and their friends in the media – are keen to dismiss Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s decision to hold an inquiry into how and why these appointments were ever made. No suitable explanation has been provided by Morrison – or the Governor–General David Hurley – and it’s essential to find out why.

Democracies depend on people of good will, but our system shows that it doesn’t cater for people of ill will or ulterior motivations. Morrison proved to be one of these bad seeds and laws will need to be enacted to ensure this kind of secrecy in government never occurs again.

During the 2022 federal election campaign, the Liberal Party claimed “it won’t be easy under Albanese”, but it’s very easy at the moment, with the Prime Minister – and the Labor Party – riding high in the opinion polls. It won’t last forever, of course, but it seems that the Liberal Party is keen to stay in the doldrums and continue with their ‘business as usual’ approach of opposition for opposition’s sake, and quickly adopting a culture of complaint, rejecting everything – even the good ideas – because this, apparently, represents their best chance of electoral success.

But looking at the results of the 2021 Western Australia election – the Liberal Party reduced to just two seats – and the diabolical status of the Victoria branch of the Liberal Party – it’s a foolish decision. If the party wants to gain political relevance again, it needs to change tack. But does Peter Dutton have the ability to do this?

And what does News Corporation have against Joy Division? Usually, nothing. But if Anthony Albanese wears a Joy Division T-shirt and goes to a gig at the Enmore Theatre, it’s not very prime ministerial, and it’s unbecoming. It’s an outrage. Perhaps Murdoch’s minions need more joy, and less division. It will be good for the soul.

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