Roberts-Smith, wasted billions, Senator Hanson-Young and News Corp, ending HECS debts

murdoch royal commission

In this episode, we delve into the significant events that have unfolded in the political landscape during the week. We start with the explosive findings from the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case, which confirmed the truth behind shocking allegations, including civilian murders in Afghanistan and disturbing behaviour towards a woman.

Shining a light on government actions, we discuss revelations of the former Morrison government misspending $2 billion in health funding programs, exposing a pattern of poor guidelines and politically motivated grants. These unethical practices continue to provide material for the National Anti-Corruption Commission, adding to the Morrison government’s list of possibly illegal behavior.

Another major development is the official interest rate rise, reaching the highest rate since 2012. Amidst the blame game, we explore various factors contributing to this economic challenge and emphasise the government’s responsibility to address the problem.

In Western Australia, we highlight the controversial decision to award Gina Rinehart as Western Australian of the Year, questioning the selection criteria that favour wealthy businesspeople over community champions and unsung heroes.

Our attention then shifts to the ongoing push for an inquiry into the Murdoch media empire in Australia, a long-overdue inquiry to examine the influence of News Corporation, which we believe has become a cancerous force in the media and political landscape.

To provide insight, we interview Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who shares her perspective on an inquiry and its potential to improve media behaviour in Australia.

Finally, we address the contentious issue of growing HECS debts, a scheme implemented in 1990. We explore the impact of increased inflation rates on HECS debts, and the need for fundamental reform of the university and higher education sector, highlighting the broader community benefits that education brings. #auspol #MurdochRoyalCommission

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