Podcast: Greens stall Labor’s HAFF, the Voice, Dutton makeover, Lambie ADF, RBA’s bad plan

Podcast: Greens stall Labor’s HAFF

In this episode, we explore the Housing Australia Future Fund legislation (HAFF), which has been delayed in the Senate by the Australian Greens and the Liberal Party, despite the pressing national housing crisis. We discuss the implications and the justifiability of this delay in addressing the urgent issue.

We look at the approved Referendum for a Voice to Parliament legislation, highlighting the significance of this milestone in a historically challenging journey. We analyse the controversial decision of Senator Lidia Thorpe to campaign against the Voice to Parliament, forming an unexpected alliance with the Liberal Party, the National Party, and One Nation. We explore the reasons behind this collaboration and the debate surrounding the adequacy of the proposed legislation.

Peter Dutton is undergoing an image makeover and, like many leaders before him, seeks to present a more appealing persona to the electorate. We dissect the strategies employed by political leaders to shape public perception, but it might be lost cause for Dutton, who doesn’t appear to have to much time available to him, to turn these perceptions around.

Next, we turn our attention to Senator Jackie Lambie, who has taken the bold step of referring the Australian Defence Force to the International Criminal Court over their actions in Afghanistan. We discuss the lack of accountability for the killing of 39 Afghan civilians by Australian special forces and the importance of shedding light on such incidents, and examine the delicate balance between government-military relations and the need for transparency in addressing war crimes.

The Reserve Bank’s recent announcement of their strategy to reduce inflation by increasing the unemployment rate, has drawn strong criticism. We evaluate the neoliberal economic theory behind this tactic, which relies on higher unemployment to create job market competition and suppress wages. We question the sustainability and societal impact of such measures and propose alternative economic models for consideration.

Join us as we navigate the complex landscape of politics, shedding light on the critical issues at hand and exploring the potential solutions: a thought-provoking episode that aims to unravel the layers of drama and decision-making in the realm of federal politics! #auspol #VoiceToParliament

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