Podcast: Robodebt scandal revelations, reducing the NACC of corruption, interest rates and the right wing takeover of The Voice

Robodebt scandal revelations Royal Commission report

In this podcast episode, the National Anti Corruption Commission has finally opened its doors and already received 44 referrals regarding potential corruption cases, most of which will involve the former Morrison government: secret ministries, questionable land deals, non-existent reports by Barnaby Joyce, Angus Taylor – land, water and forgeries – Bridget McKenzie, Michaelia Cash, Alan Tudge, Linda Reynolds, and Stuart Robert – just to name a few. The new Commission is spoiled for choice, and expected to be busy for a very long time.

The Robodebt Royal Commission report was released, consisting of 990 pages and 57 recommendations – and a ‘sealed section’ containing referrals for civil and criminal prosecution, which will go to the new National Anti Corruption Commission. The report vindicates those affected by the Robodebt system and highlights the failures of the system over the past five years. It was a scandalous program and should never have been implemented.

There is also a significant focus on interest rates, with speculation and debates about their impact on the Australian economy. The Reserve Bank decided to leave interest rates at 4.1%, raising questions about the political motivations behind the decision. And, as usual, the Liberal Party claims credit for the stable rates – even though they’ve been out of office for 14 months – while criticising Labor when rates go up. They can’t have it both ways.

The Voice To Parliament campaigns continue, with misinformation, lies, and racism characterising the “no” campaign. Peter Dutton, one of the most nefarious leaders ever of the Liberal Party, faces a crucial byelection in the Queensland seat of Fadden. A poor performance in the byelection may result in the end of Dutton’s leadership so, of course, he has made outrageous claims, attacked mining companies and retailers supporting the Voice to Parliament campaign, and criticised Anthony Albanese and the Labor government for their focus on the issue. Apparently, it’s also the cause of the rise of the price of milk.

These naysayers are hard on the ears, with all of their outrageous lies, racism and misinformation. If only they could sit down, shut up, and listen to Indigenous Affairs minister, Linda Burney, who provided one of the all-time great speeches at the National Press Club.

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