Podcast: The Voice, Tasmanian turmoil, Disability Royal Commission, lost in the supermarket, Dutton’s immigration disaster

In this episode of New Politics, we delve into the latest developments in Australian politics and social issues. The Voice to Parliament referendum is in full swing, with just one week remaining until the crucial October 14th deadline. We discuss the fear, division, and misinformation surrounding the campaign, particularly from the No campaign and the Liberal Party. It’s clear that they really have nothing to offer, except for fear and misery.

Tasmania’s political landscape is also under scrutiny, as the last Liberal government faces challenges, including resignations, allegations of bullying, and workplace harassment. We explore the impact of these issues on the future of the Liberal Party all across Australia: the party needs to change but how is this going to happen?

The long-awaited Disability Royal Commission report was released, addressing the long-standing concerns of violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of people with disabilities. We discuss the recommendations and if Australia wants to be the equitable and just society that it thinks it is, it seriously needs to look at the introduction of a Disability Rights Act.

Additionally, we cover the poverty wages strike by Coles and Woolworths staff, who are demanding fair wages, better workplace protections, and job security. Of course, Coles and Woolworths need to provide all of this: a combined $2.7 billion in profits last year, and billions of profits over the past decade. And how were these profits made? On the back of worker exploitation and low wages. It’s time for Coles and Woolworths to offer fair pay for fair work.

Lastly, we discuss the findings of the review of the temporary visa system, highlighting flaws, corrupt activities, and the serious issues faced by temporary visa holders. Peter Dutton’s role as the Minister for Home Affairs in addressing these challenges is examined, and how these attacks on his competence also signal the beginning of the next federal election campaign.

Join us as we navigate the dynamic landscape of Australian politics and social issues in this excellent episode!

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