Israel’s cash for comment and Gaza ceasefire, the Lehrmann trainwreck, and the week in politics

In this week’s episode, of New Politics, we look a the bombshell revelation that over 70 journalists and editors from mainstream media, particularly News Corporation and Nine Media, had trips to Israel sponsored by the Israeli government over the past decade and the Nine Media bans on journalists expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people, and raising questions about journalistic principles and media freedom.

The ABC’s warnings for any of their journalists who signed an open letter condemning war crimes in Israel is also a great concern, and there are broader implications for reporting standards. Against the backdrop of the Gaza conflict, we explore the challenges of maintaining unbiased reporting and the role of media in democracies.

We also provide an update on the Gaza cease-fire, Australia’s abstention from voting, and the Secretary–General of the United Nations’ perspective on the matter. The disproportionate civilian casualties and the growing international outcry underscore the urgency of addressing the humanitarian crisis.

There have been many twists and turns in the Bruce Lehrmann vs. Network Ten defamation case, and we examine the civil trial’s contrast with the previously aborted criminal trial, and question the competence of the Australian Federal Police in handling high-profile cases.

We also shine a spotlight on the dismissal of Home Affairs Secretary Michael Pezzullo for misconduct but the appointment of Stephanie Foster, despite her controversial past, sparks discussions on transparency and adherence to announced selection processes.

How unpopular is the Prime Minister? And does it really matter? The media is claiming there are “signs of decay” within the Albanese government but how can this be possible after just 18 months? It’s a fallacy: it’s just the ruse that the conservative media usually puts out against Labor governments.

Finally, we explore a landmark deal between the Labor government and the Australian Greens to amend the Murray Darling Basin plan. This collaboration aims to enhance sustainability and equity, marking a positive stride in environmental protection and political cooperation.

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  1. ‘Find My Way Home’, (cover version) Dani Vargis.
  2. ‘I Fought The Law’, (cover version) The Clash.
  3. ‘Whisper’, Coldplay.

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