The year in review: the big issues of 2023

In this special year-end episode, we look at the significant political events that shaped politics in 2023. From the highs and lows of governance to the pressing issues that grabbed headlines, join us as we unravel the complexities of Australian politics.

Voice to Parliament: We start with an in-depth analysis of the Voice to Parliament initiative, a major theme throughout the year. Despite early momentum, the prolonged campaign witnessed dwindling support, leading to an unfortunate failure in the referendum.

Housing challenges: The multifaceted housing crisis: from affordability issues in urban and regional areas to debates over social housing and the Housing Australian Future Fund, we explore the evolving landscape of Australian housing.

Sino-Australian relations: A significant turnaround in relations with China marks another key discussion point. We examine the easing of sanctions and tariffs, the political nuances of this relationship, and the broader implications for Australian foreign policy.

Robodebt and anti-corruption: The establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Robodebt Royal Commission brought some closure to lingering issues of mismanagement. We review these developments and their impact on governance.

Defamation cases and the role of the mainstream media: High-profile defamation cases and the role of mainstream media in shaping public opinion receive a critical look. We look at the ramifications of these cases and the ongoing debate over media behaviour, influence and ownership.

Gaza conflict: We also cover the tragic events in Gaza, examining Australia’s diplomatic stance and the international calls for peace, and how there has been a shift in international support for Israel.

There also the issues that didn’t feature highly, but they should have—the current state of COVID-19 in Australia, including new variants and public health responses; environmental issues, particularly the lack of significant action on climate change, despite its growing urgency and public concern; domestic violence, gender pay equity, and workplace harassment, require continued attention and action in these critical areas.

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  1. ‘Stranger In Moscow’, Tame Impala.
  2. ‘Hungry Face’, Mogwai.
  3. ‘Praise You’, Fat Boy Slim.

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