Rising Phoenix, Falling Shadows

Rising Phoenix, Falling Shadows

Rising Phoenix, Falling Shadows: The year in Australian politics

Eddy Jokovich and David Lewis, 466 pages. Released January 2024

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This enlightening exploration of Australia’s political landscape in 2023 uncovers a year that began with high hopes from the electorate, yet was marred by a series of unmet expectations and enduring challenges. The narrative captures critical moments in Australian politics, where the dawn of a Labor government, still finding its feet, promised a return to normalcy in public discourse and a “government run by adults”. This followed the years of intense political chaos from successive Coalition governments, which often proved to be a distraction from the real issues that needed attention and resolution in the public interest.

This in-depth analysis examines the Albanese government’s struggle to navigate a complex array of issues, covering topics from the contentious Voice to Parliament referendum and its subsequent defeat, to the persistent housing crisis, cost of living and environmental concerns, AUKUS and Palestine, guiding the reader through the intricate web of political and social dynamics that define contemporary Australia.

However, today’s problems are not solely caused by the current government: the narrative also sheds light on the enduring influence of previous administrations, highlighting how past policies and decisions continue to impact current governance.

Rising Phoenix, Falling Shadows is a compelling read for anyone interested in understanding the multifaceted nature of governance and public policy in Australia. It tells the story of a nation grappling with change, where political ambition often collides with reality, and the pursuit of progress is continually tested by the complexities of societal needs and global events.

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