Navigating the week in Australian politics: Thug Dutton and opinion polls

In this episode of New Politics, we look at all the big issues in federal politics as Parliament reconvenes for 2024. And it was a dynamic way to commence the year in politics.

The spotlight shines on the contentious Stage 3 tax cuts, a topic that has transcended beyond its decision point and into a prolonged media and Liberal Party campaign, framing it as an unparalleled breach of promise. While this narrative unfolds, we’ll explore how it’s shaping the political landscape and why it might spell more trouble for the Liberal Party than for the government.

Amidst this, the Labor government witnesses a confluence of economic developments. With the Reserve Bank’s decision to hold interest rates steady and inflation rates on a downward trajectory from a peak of 7.8% in 2022 to 4.1%, we evaluate the broader implications for Australia’s economic outlook in 2024.

We also focus on the Coalition’s current activities, highlighting their participation in the Rally Against Reckless Renewables and their stance on clean energy, raising questions about their policy direction while in opposition.

We pay tribute to Dr. Lowitja O’Donoghue, commemorating her monumental contributions to Australian society and politics as a revered leader and advocate for the indigenous community and beyond.

The recent suspension of funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency by Australia, a decision mirroring accusations from the Israeli government without preceding evidence or investigation is also explored—a move critiqued for its lack of substantiation and potential international ramifications.

Finally, the episode addresses the misinterpretation of public sentiment and media narratives around the Labor government’s performance and public support, challenging the perpetuated notion of a government in distress with insights from recent opinion polls.

Join us as we navigate through the currents of Australian politics, offering analysis, reflections, and a look ahead at what these developments mean for the nation’s future. #AUSPOL #Gaza

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  3. ‘The Last Goodbye’, Odesza.
  4. ‘Praise You’, Fat Boy Slim.

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