The mindless narrative on asylum seekers, the car and ute tax cosplay and the one-sided media on Gaza

In this episode, we go into the heart of current political storm surrounding asylum seekers and border protection, and how these issues are so divisive in Australia’s political system.

Join us as we unpack the maniacal rhetoric of Peter Dutton and the Liberal Party, who have spared no effort in amplifying the arrival of 43 asylum seekers from India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan in Beagle Bay, Western Australia. Amidst claims of a collapsing border protection system and a weak prime minister at the helm, we question the real audience and efficacy of such hyperbolic political strategies.

But the political theatrics don’t end at the water’s edge. We also explore the Coalition’s vehement opposition to the federal government’s proposed national vehicle efficiency standard. Labeling it a “car and ute tax” and forecasting a dire impact on tradies, the Coalition’s narrative seems more like a replay of the 2019 election campaign strategy rather than a genuine concern for the working class or the environment. Essentially, it’s a bit of cosplay for the purposes of the Dunkley byelection coming up soon, but it’s not going to work.

We also dissect the media’s coverage of the war in Gaza, critiquing the one-sided narrative that has dominated Australian news outlets. With a staggering disparity in casualties between Israeli civilians and Palestinians, we discuss the role of media in shaping public opinion and the consequences of unbalanced reporting on political decisions and the ongoing cycle of violence.

Listen in as we navigate through these complex issues, shedding light on the politics of fear, the environmental stakes of policy debates, and the power of media in influencing the discourse on international conflict.

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  1. ‘All Along The Watchtower’, Afterhere.
  2. ‘Praise You’, Fat Boy Slim.

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