A Labor win and a Liberal loss, nuclear division, ASIO powerplay and will the ABC survive?

The best analysis of all the latest events in federal politics, from one of Australia’s top ten podcasts on politics and news commentary: another fascinating episode.

In this compelling episode of New Politics, we delve into the aftermath of the Dunkley byelection, an event that not only highlighted the strategic playbooks of all political parties but also underscored the ever-evolving landscape of national issues and media influence. The Labor government’s victory in Dunkley, despite a swing against them, showcases their ability to connect with voters on critical matters like cost-of-living and policy solutions amidst a cacophony of negative campaigning and scare tactics from the opposition.

We dissect the Labor and Liberal campaigns, scrutinising the strategies that led to Labor’s win and the Liberal Party’s reliance on divisive issues. Special attention is given to Peter Dutton and the Liberal leadership’s controversial stance on nuclear power, a topic that has become a predictable fallback during political strife, revealing deeper issues within the party and its media alliances.

We also explore the intriguing revelations from ASIO’s Mike Burgess regarding espionage within Australian politics. The allegations of a former MP recruited by a foreign government to spy on Australian intelligence opens a Pandora’s box of national security, media sensationalism, and the quest for increased funding for intelligence operations.

Lastly, we look at the recent changes at the ABC, examining the implications of Kim Williams’ takeover from Ita Buttrose. The shift in leadership occurs amidst critiques of the ABC’s news coverage and its perceived alignment with the Liberal Party, sparking debate about the future of public broadcasting in Australia.

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  1. ‘Crying’, Strawpeople.
  2. ‘Pretty Vacant’, Sofia.
  3. ‘Praise You’, Fat Boy Slim.

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