A new crisis in Gaza, fair politics, immigration law and Liberal’s preselection fail

In this episode of New Politics, we explore a series of pressing global and domestic issues that have unfolded recently. We start with a development in Gaza, where the killing of Zomi Frankcom, an Australian working for the food charity World Central Kitchen, has sparked international controversy. Initially attributed to Hamas by Israeli forces, evidence later revealed the Israeli Defense Forces’ actions were responsible.

This incident has led to criticism of the Australian government’s response, or lack thereof, from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Foreign Minister Penny Wong. Can the Australian government do more about the situation in Palestine? If genocide is being committed, of course there’s more that can be done. Always. Especially when we consider all of the support Albanese offered to the cause of Palestine, earlier on in his parliamentary career.

We also touch on the complexities of proportional representation, spotlighted by the prolonged vote counting following Tasmania’s state election. The Hare-Clark electoral system, while confusing to some, promotes fairer outcomes and coalition governance—a principle we argue should be more widely adopted rather than abandoned.

Our discussion shifts to Australia’s domestic front, scrutinising the Labor government’s proposed immigration legislation. These changes, giving the immigration minister increased powers and imposing minimum mandatory prison sentences for non-compliance with deportation processes, have been controversial. They signal a troubling trend towards increasingly draconian asylum seeker laws, perpetuating a cycle of harsh policies regardless of the governing party.

Finally, we critique the Liberal Party’s recent preselection decisions, which continue to sideline women in favour of men, ignoring calls for greater gender diversity in political representation. This episode is packed with insights, expert opinions, and a call for more humane policies and government accountability.

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  4. ‘Wild’, Spoon.
  5. ‘Praise You’, Fat Boy Slim.

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