Australia’s economic resurgence, a war on Twitter/X and the hexed HECS educational challenge

In this episode of New Politics, we explore Australia’s remarkable economic ascent, now ranking second among G20 nations, a significant leap from its previous positions. We explore the factors behind this growth and the impact of government policies on this turnaround and while this might be good for the economy, it’s not so good for the community if people can’t see or feel the benefits yet. For the government, this is an important factor: the economy doesn’t vote but the people in the economy do.

We also discuss the Future Made in Australia initiative announced by the Prime Minister, focusing on renewable energy projects and advanced manufacturing, aiming to boost local job creation. Despite the lack of detailed plans, the initiative has garnered substantial community and industry support, although it faces criticism from conservative figures and media. No surprises there.

There’s a controversial debate around free speech and whether Twitter (‘X’ or whatever people wish to call it) should remove a video of a violent stabbing incident in Sydney’s west and the subsequent social media uproar involving global platforms and Australian government responses. It’s a vexed issue: perhaps there should be restrictions on this kind of violence on social media but if is restricted, does that mean we would never find out what’s really happening in Gaza and Ukraine? It might be a case of being careful for what you wish for. 

Lastly, we look at the pressing issues in education, from potential relief for graduates burdened by HECS debts to the contentious funding of private schools, which highlights a significant disparity in government support compared to public schools.

Join us as we unpack these complex topics, providing insights into Australia’s current economic strategies, the media, and educational policies.

Song listing:

  1. ‘The King Is Dead’, The Herd.
  2. ‘Freedom!’, George Michael (Marc Martel cover).
  3. ‘Field Of Glass’, The Triffids.
  4. ‘La Femme d’Argent’, Air.
  5. ‘Praise You’, Fat Boy Slim.

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