The failure of NACC and the return of the climate wars

In this episode of New Politics, we explore the troubling decision by the National Anti-Corruption Commission to not pursue investigations against six public officials previously involved with the Coalition government’s Robodebt scheme. Despite significant public and political expectations spurred by the scathing findings of the Robodebt Royal Commission, the NACC’s decision is a severe disappointment, a failure at its first major test.

We look at the ramifications of this decision, which has not only disillusioned many affected by the Robodebt scheme—a policy that has been linked to immense financial and personal distress—but also raised questions about the effectiveness and independence of the NACC. With over $1.8 billion lost and profound societal impacts, including over 2,000 suicides, the decision to forego investigation into a scheme deemed neither fair nor legal by many scholars and legal analysts has sparked significant public outcry.

Further complicating the political landscape are the revived “climate wars,” with Liberal Party leader Peter Dutton’s controversial statements on withdrawing from the Paris agreement and refusing to set new emissions targets unless elected. We unpack the potential political and environmental consequences of such positions, especially in light of the significant electoral shifts in traditionally conservative areas, which now demand greater action on climate change. How will the Liberal Party gain the seats it needs to win at the next election if it just antagonises the electorate?

Also, we touch on the ongoing tensions surrounding the King’s Birthday honours and the recent media uproar involving former Liberal Treasurer Peter Costello at Nine Media, alongside global issues such as the continuing dire situation in Gaza. With escalating violence and international diplomatic efforts to broker peace, we examine the broader implications of these conflicts on global politics and humanitarian efforts.

Join us as we explore these pressing issues, and uncover the layers of complexity in these governance challenges and the ongoing struggle for integrity and accountability in Australian politics.

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