The battle for the heart and soul of Labor: from local tensions to global trends

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In this episode, we explore the unfolding drama within Labor Party, highlighting the controversial suspension and subsequent resignation of Senator Fatima Payman. Her departure raises critical questions about party policies, internal democracy, and the broader implications for representation of diverse communities in politics. We look at her stance on Gaza, and the repercussions of crossing the floor to support a motion by the Australian Greens. Why should a Labor politician remain a member of Caucus if they refuse to follow the actions they supported when they were in opposition?

We look the educational funding strategies under the current Labor government, critiquing the increasing financial support for private schools at the expense of public ones. This discussion opens up a broader conversation about the values and priorities of modern Labor policies and their impact on Australia’s educational landscape.

Crossing continents, we analyse the recent UK election, where the Labour Party’s massive victory under Keir Starmer signals a new direction for Britain post-Brexit: he doesn’t have a choice. We discuss the historical parallels and the strategic silence that might have contributed to their win, alongside a forecast of potential policies and international stances.

We also look at the broader spectrum of international politics, including the rise of far-right movements in Europe, particularly in France, and significant judicial decisions in the United States that could redefine the scope of presidential powers and the 2024 US election.

Join us on New Politics as we navigate the complexities of these issues, offering a platform for critical thought, diverse perspectives, and a pulse on the shifts that shape our world.

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