A School Brawl, COVIDSafe Not So Safe, Election Time In Eden-Monaro

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Schools have become the new battleground for the Morrison Government and they’ve started a huge brawl with the Victoria Premier, Daniel Andrews. Morrison and his entourage of Chief Medical Officers are using flimsy evidence to push schools to fully reopen, even though there’s international evidence that suggests it’s best to go slow and show the abundance of caution that has, so far, been lacking from the Australian Government.

Patience is a virtue, but how can we expect patience from a government lacking in virtue? The Education Minister, Dan Tehan, did go on the attack, but withdrew from the playground after he realised he’d come to a gun fight armed with a pop stick.

And in their quest to open up the economy, the government has also released the COVIDSafe app – some people think it may actually stop the coronavirus, but the Prime Minister will just be happy if they’re fooled enough to think downloading the app will allow them to go the footy, or go to the pub for a quick drink.

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For a government so lacking in trust, it’s surprising so many people are following their instructions. But there’s one major problem with the COVIDSafe app: it doesn’t actually work. But perhaps that was never the intention.

Excerpt: The Seat of Eden-Monaro

We love elections and there’s a by-election coming up in the seat of Eden-Monaro, following the resignation of Mike Kelly. The date hasn’t been set yet but, already, the preselected candidate, Kristy McBain, has already seen off three opponents: John Barilaro, Andrew Constance and Jim Molan. Not bad after just five days and a campaign that hasn’t even started yet.

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