The War On China, Labor Needs Grunt, Schools Disaster


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The Australian economy is falling into a heap, and what better way to provide a cushion to the economy than to start a fruitless diplomatic stoush with China, our largest trading partner.

Fresh from celebrating Scott Morrisonā€™s unlikely election victory anniversary, the media championed Australiaā€™s push for a ā€˜weapons inspectorsā€™ inquiry into the origins of COVID-19 (well, that’s not correct, it was actually pushed by the European Union). And if we can remember the last time ā€˜weapons inspectorsā€™ were used on the international stage in 2003, it didn’t end up too well.

What followed was an unnecessary humiliation of China, and it has retaliated with an 80 per cent tariff slapped onto Australian barley for the next five years. That’s effectively saying goodbye to a $1.5 billion per year export market. Will those barley producers who usually vote for the Coalition, remember this act of diplomatic ineptitude at the 2022 election? They are the ones who will be paying for itā€¦

It’s difficult being an Opposition Leader at the best of times, but especially during a national crisis. During these times, the Opposition is usually reduced to irrelevancy, but it’s the job of a political party to overcome this and ensure it remains relevant.

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And with a federal government performing ineptly and corruptly, there is so much material to work with. But Anthony Albanese and Labor need to start working on this material (and its own), because time is slipping away.

Schools in NSW will be fully opened soon but the day after the announcement, a COVID-19 case was recorded at St Ignatius in Riverview, the alma mater of Tony Abbott. We don’t need to say too much more about this but is the NSW Government throwing caution to the wind? In the choice between money and public health, the government has not chosen wisely.

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