The Voice To Parliament and No Future for the Liberal Party

It’s still quite early in the year but already, there’s a big focus on The Voice To Parliament – the Prime Minister has started mapping the timeline for when the referendum might take place – and it could be as early as August this year.

The Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney has outlined what the Voice to Parliament will look like and how it will work, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for the Coalition – who make all the noises about being supportive of Reconciliation, as long as they don’t have to do anything about it.

Already, the National Party has said that they won’t support The Voice To Parliament; the Liberal Party are doing their best to create division, fear and confusion within the community, and this is all being amplified by conservative media interests – but following on from the federal and Victoria elections last year, could this be another case where the electorate ignores what the Liberal Party and the media is telling them, and go on to support an issue that is in the interests of Indigenous people?

And, late last year, the Liberal Party released their election review, and it was released just before Christmas, so maybe they didn’t want too many people reading it – and it reads like a document of paranoia, a war-gaming plan to attack the teal independents in future election campaigns, and suggests that party needs to move even further to the right to differentiate itself from the Labor Party.

It could be a case where the Liberal Party doesn’t really know how to prepare a good election review after it’s lost an election – Labor’s losing election reviews are generally more concise and definitive because they’ve had more of them in recent times – but based on what’s in Liberal Party election review, they might be in Opposition for some time to come.

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