The dirty deeds of AFP and News Corp, corrupt NSW and is Albanese’s honeymoon really over?

The Australian Federal Police is in the news again, and this time it’s through a newspaper interview with the former Defence Minister, Senator Linda Reynolds – and this relates to the allegations of a rape that occurred in Parliament House in 2019, just a few weeks before the federal election was announced.

And, somehow, the personal diaries of Brittany Higgins were leaked to News Corporation and formed a large part of the story about Linda Reynolds – the diaries were provided to the federal police to assist with the Bruce Luhrmann court trial – but here they are being published in a News Corporation newspaper.

There’s currently an ACT government investigation into the behaviour of the police and the trial of Bruce Luhrmann – a trial that was aborted – but the leaking of this private material to News Corporation is another issue that needs to be investigated, as is the role of the Australian Federal Police.

There is an election coming up in NSW next month, and there’s been a raft of resignations in recent times and this follows on from other resignations over the past year – Gladys Berijiklian as well – and there’s other ministers who won’t be contesting at the next election. This is the sorry sight of politics in NSW – it doesn’t really matter who’s in office, corruption and mismanagement is always close by – and this really has the feeling of the last days of a dying government in NSW.

Sometimes a political culture grows from bad beginnings – NSW was founded as an illegal settlement all the way back in 1788, and then there was the Rum Corp that ran for about 30 years or so – and once a poor political culture becomes established, it’s very hard to shake off, even after 235 years.
There’s also been a batch of recent opinion polls and all of them are suggesting a dip in support for the Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, and a slight improvement of support for the Opposition Leader, Peter Dutton – and as a result, we’ve had the predictable headlines of ‘the end of the honeymoon for Albanese’.

Most of this noise is media amplifying the issues that they want the public to believe in, but there’s still a great deal of support for the Labor government. This will start to wear off, especially when the Labor government does things like approve 116 coal seam gas wells in Queensland and still sticks with supporting the Stage 3 tax cuts – but this is the time they really need to start performing and stick to the agenda they took to the Australian public at the last federal election.

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