Terrible AUKUS deal, NSW criminal corruption and media behaving badly

In this episode, we look at the AUKUS deal and what it means for Australia. It looks like it’s a bad deal, so why did Albanese agree to it? It’s complicated.

Paul Keating also attacked this AUKUS deal – and we things he’s right – but instead of looking at the merit of what he had to say, the mainstream media decided that Keating was impolite to journalists. So, he can’t be taken seriously. Wow, these journalists are so upper-class, they don’t know what’s good for them: let them eat cake and we say – all the way with PJK.

And we’ve been asked the question: why did the mainstream media avoid the Robodebt Royal Commission? Again, the answer to this is complex: dwindling advertising revenues, news editors and journalists who come from the upper echelons of society, so receiving a social security payment – or being forced to pay it back – is a totally foreign experience for them. That’s the long-term effect of journalism courses around Australia becoming stacked with graduates from private schools.

And more corruption in New South Wales, this time there’s a recording of former NSW National Party leader John Barilaro bragging about his pork-barrelling adventures back in 2021. If only there was a decent mainstream media that has the courage to reveal these details on the eve of a NSW state election instead of delivering silence. If only…

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