Podcast: The search for a nuclear device, the Matildas holiday, rental politics, branch stacking and the latest on the Voice

In this episode, we look into the ongoing discourse surrounding nuclear energy policy in Australia, tracing back to the Coalition’s push for nuclear power from opposition, and its incongruous approach to the issue while in government. We dissect statements from National Party leader David Littleproud and Peter Dutton, shedding light on their mutual political point-scoring tactics. We explore how this recurring topic is driven by vested interests and examine the feasibility of nuclear energy in Australia as repeatedly assessed by government reports and industry experts.

Do sport and politics mix? Of course, and we look at this intersection, focusing on the recent debate over a potential national holiday in the event of a Matildas World Cup victory. We scrutinise statements from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, uncovering how media framing can impact public perception. But it’s all moot: the Matildas are out of the tournament, which at least will keep the sad sack conservative anti-woke nihilists happy: can’t have a sports team supporting the Voice or same-sex marriage.

National Cabinet met during the week, and we detail recent decisions made, including the expansion of the National Housing Accord and the introduction of consistent rental rules. We address criticisms from the Australian Greens and explore their political motivations.

There’s also the media conniptions about branch stacking in Victoria, centred around Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio but, yet again, it’s another attempt by News Corporation to make it seem that Premier Daniel Andrews is a bad man, and a corrupt one as well. We assess the significance of these allegations in the political landscape and their portrayal in the media.

We also analyse recent opinion polling data, highlighting the Labor government’s electoral strength, contrasting it with the falling approval ratings for Albanese and the correlation with the fall in support for the Voice. Is it time to drop the referendum and start all over again? Senator Lidia Thorpe thinks it is: it’s time for Treaty, truth-telling and reparations, but it’s impossible to implement these when there is so much resistance from the conservative side of politics and the mainstream media.

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